23. Januar 2014
EU Commission makes it a rule to interfere in Emission Trading
Wirtschaftsrat criticizes the interference of the European Commission in the Emission Trading system.

In regard to the announcement of the European Commission (EC) to reform the EU Emission Trading, Prof. Kurt J. Lauk, President of the Economic Council of the CDU e.V., states as follows: "The Economic Council warns of suspending the market principle in EU Emissions Trading. This is exactly what happens when the European Commission retains a reserve of emission certificates in order to control the price of pollution rights via an artificial shortage. Despite every assertion describing the so called "backloading" of the last year as solitary intervention, market adverse price manupulations seem to become the rule periodically. Die Economic Council objects against that proceeding", describes Kurt J. Lauk.

Lauk continues: "The EU Commission has also announced that it will primarily focus on the goal of CO2 emission reduction in absolute numbers. This orientation entails the opportunity of not getting caught in conflicting goals which endanger the entire climate policy. However, Emission Trading, the most important instrument for CO2 reduction availabe in Europe, has to be strenghtened by creating planing security for companies and their investment decisions. At least the state dictated definition of a minimal price which would function as binding references for the certificates in the market, is off the table. 

Pollution trading has already caused a major effort of the companies in reducing their greenhouse gas emissions in long-term perspective - regardless of the actual prive of the certificates. The price development on the market also reflects the functionality of the system in this way. The Economic Council therefore calls to refrain from intervention in the market in principle.